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Short films that inspire great storytelling

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

A unique, lighthearted approach is used with fantastic results

A great film by UK agency Nice and Serious, The Man Behind Your Chocolate prompted me to learn about the issues facing cocoa farmers in various African countries. In all of my years as a chocolate lover, admittedly I never thought about where chocolate comes from, and I certainly had no idea the living conditions affecting the cultivation of this food is so perilous. The imagery, pacing and tone we are shown here is upbeat and accompanied by a staccato percussion soundtrack, with clean motion graphics that appeal to my love for animated typography and illustration styles.

Most importantly, Nice and Serious' work beautifully shares the story of farmer Paul Kru's dignity and pride in his life's work and legacy, while making me think twice about where I purchase one of my favorite foods. Plus it's just fun to watch!

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